Decades of buinsess and corporate experience, and many rebounding years of trial and error have given me the unique skills and capability to observe proven technologies and systems, gain a deeper understanding of the best practices, and then implement these practices as a tailored system in an organization for the most optimal solution of performance.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, using awareness and knowledge along with an organization’s vision creates opportunity while building a seamless foundation. My business solution experience and deep understanding of automation have helped create a successful path for early adopters.

I believe my knowledge to identify these areas comes with decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. Owning and operating 6 businesses in 5 different industries has allowed me to see/feel it from the business side and an understanding of how to identify business solutions through a conversation.

Understanding an organization’s vision, knowing how they operate, and working with their current daily work processes has already created a pathway for growth. Helping businesses identify these opportunities and then implement technology to get it there faster with better efficiency and productivity is a passion of mine.

Having a deep understanding of automation technology and experience of the daily operations has allowed me to have an impact on organizations. Adjusting to digital transformation and automation is not an easy trait to learn. It takes time, a lot of time to truly take advantage of it.

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