Thank You Scaling Through Automation!!!

Good Morning STA,

I just want to commend you all from Wilton and all the techs and engineers, you all have been amazingly responsive and genius in building and partnering with us to continuously improve this bot for us. It has already lifted a tremendous weight off the entire enterprise as follows:

Pre Bot: The entire organization had a duplicative method of recording time for billing purposes and then separately for payroll purposes. This led to redundancy due to duplicate input and time-consuming reconciliation of the two sources of truth. That is no more.

In addition, the admin staff had to spend hours converting excel spreadsheets to pdfs and simultaneously trying to do some basic QC on the time inputs.

The manual timesheets were error-prone, which made it take even longer. That is no more.

Now: Our focus is not on the production of the bot’s output, it is rather focused on the accuracy and completeness of the inputs in ADP. This allows us to significantly elevate the quality of our data for internal and external reporting. Not to mention the speed of delivery.

What’s Next: We recently acquired an accounting, tax practice in March and I want to find every opportunity to capitalize on automation to make our operations more efficient. Stay tuned. In addition, there is a significant opportunity for us to package these solutions as one of a kind service offering in the USVI.

You all are a blessing to us!

Thank you,

The Strategy Group

Steve Lowe