RPA Bot for Speech to Text (STT) Conversion

Assume you have a bunch of audio files that you want to convert to text and send those text as emails. Then handover that job to this RPA Robot. Or use this BOT as a service. This RPA bot will convert audio recordings into text and will send that text in an email to the user specified email address. It uses wav format audio recordings and Google API for Speech-To-Text in this.

↓ Step-by-Step Download ↓

How it works…

1.  Enter the API key. 

  • Enter your Google Speech-To-Text API key.
  • Don’t know how to get an API key? See here.

2.  Enter an email address. 

  • Enter the receiver’s email address.

3.  Select folder

  • Select the folder where your .wav audio files reside.

After the user inputs relevant details, RPA Bot will automatically proceed through the steps and complete the task.

 Download Bot Here 


What are the benefits of downloading this Speech-to-Text Bot?

STT Market Description

While there are a number of much smaller steps in the mechanics of converting speech to text, the broad sweep of how these systems operate is shown in this Document. The platform’s interface to an audio signal (live or in batch) and use neural networks in conjunction with semantic models to create a variety of outputs.

STT Market Direction

While the core technology for STT, namely converting speech to text with foundational deep learning approaches, has reached the Plateau of Productivity in the Gartner “Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence, 2019,” the underlying technologies and market approaches haven’t stood still. The recent evolution is the shift to richer solutions — rather than simply sell raw speech-to-text solutions, vendors are increasingly looking to provide workflow and services across an increasing range of conversational and analytics experiences. Click Here for full STT Market Direction description. 

STT Market Direction Analysis

To date, the market can be categorized as having three main types of vendors:
  1. Self-serve and Community
  2. Platform and Services
  3. Customer Engagement Suite

While the self-serve heavyweights have been slow to create domain-specific offerings, we now see them increase efforts around markets like automotive and healthcare. For more full Market Analysis detail and to understand the three (3) main vendors’ benefits Click Here.