Getting to know you. Getting to know us…

Opportunity and Expectations

We have spent years putting together our sales process. But it doesn’t work if you do not put the time in to learning the basic. The information you have in your sales portal, along with the access to the top RPA Analysts, Architects, Developers and Influencers in the industry will give you the best opportunity for early success. There is no rest for you to look outside our group to find the answer you need, and right away. 

Although you will not be micro managed, there are a few expectations we expect to be followed. These were put in place for the best possible results for success:

  • Weekly Meeting (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) at 7:00AM PST/10:00AM EST 
  • Weekly Training (Tuesday and Thursday) at 7:00AM PST/10:00AM EST 
  • Full Access to our Sales Portal (updated weekly) – Loaded with the most current RPA for every industry under one roof. Spend an hour a day and master a niche in a week.
  • Run all business transactions through your CRM account – Our CRM is set up to stay organized without a lot of work. 
  • Weeks Expectation – Have a plan for the week and let STA Group help you execute it. This is the fastest way to talk and learn RPA.
  • Set up Microsoft Teams – Communicate with STA groups and individual team members in real time. 

This is an amazing time to be part of the RPA industry. STA Group has put all the RPA experience and knowledge under one roof. You have full access to our staff and our research. Everything you need is here!

Training and Support

There is no way you can be successful if you do not have the training and support you need. We pride ourselves and making sure our sales team has everything they need from day one. Trying to learn RPA on your own will take you down a rabbit hole. This is an industry very few know about, much less mastered. We have to the ingredients to having you talking like an RPA professional in hours. If you follow the process, your life will change. 

Support is something you will need to take advantage of if you want to get on the fast track. You will have access to our entire staff to guide you as you continue on your RPA journey. 

If you want to use social media to market yourself, we have a team that has created wealth with organic marketing.

Use Cases… Ask our analysts where you can find specific process to share with your clients.

Need to understand common processes in a current industry? You sales portal has all the videos, articles, documents, and links you need to shorten the learning curve tenfold. 

You will never be left alone if you stay engaged and keep an open line of communications. We are working hard to make sure we continue to make it as easy as we can for your so you can enjoy you life, freedom, and make a good living to it!