Automate so you can focus on the people, not the paperwork.

From personal and commercial insurance underwriting and on-boarding, to policyholder services and claims processing, STA’s Digital Employee is already making a major impact. This impact is being experienced firsthand in the way that insurers operate and improve customer service, while reducing cycle times and cutting the heavy overhead burden.

Our Digital Employee takes these monotonous and repetitive chores, including data entry, away from a human employee. It takes over basic computer functions, handling a variety of tasks that currently drain workers’ time, energy, and morale.

The Digital Employee works on the individual data field level across all insurance systems. Manual human intervention can be time consuming trying to streamline existing software, and the re-invention of the entire company’s IT infrastructure can become very expensive in trying to simplify these workflow processes. This is where STA steps in.

STA’s Digital Employee can process actions as deep as mouse clicks and keyboard typing without having to invest in new programming. We work with the programs you currently have, no matter how old they are, to put into place a time-saving, money-saving business process automation system. Once the Digital Employee is set up properly, it will do everything from opening applications to clicking, copying, and pasting information from one application to another, sending emails, as well as performing other vital computer activities.

RPA does the data entry for you so you can focus on your client

With our business process management tools, the stress of these mundane tasks is eliminated thanks to automation, thereby making it easy to focus on what’s important … your customer! To learn more, get in touch with The STA Group today. 

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