Automate so you can focus on the people, not the paperwork.

STA is a solution in which our Digital Employee can take over standard and repetitive activities that are currently carried out by humans. Our Digital Employee is not a physical machine. It’s a program that acts as a virtual co-worker in the support of business processes. It assists with basic tasks and reduces the time and costs that are spent on these processes.

The big advantage of STA is that our Digital Employee is able to use the existing systems and processes, therefore avoiding the need to replace HR or payroll systems. Our Digital Employee is particularly helpful in the processes that require a lot of data processing. Typical tasks for our bots include collecting data from XLS files or systems, running reports, copying data, checking data for completeness, reading, processing and submitting emails, entering data in HR or payroll systems, and pre-populating forms.

STA will support you in addressing these challenges. Our staff has the engineering and IT expertise, and in-depth knowledge, of HR and payroll processes. Through this business automation transition, we will ensure that our Digital Employee will be configured to support your business. More importantly, we will ensure that your employees are ready for the use of this amazing service!

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