1. Truth Be Told

    All my life I have been putting on a happy face. Making sure no-one really knows what I’m feeling. There are sometimes when that happy face is genuine and there are times when it’s covering up the pain. I have never been public with it. Most people don’t know I have it, some think it’s just …Read More

  2. Medical Support To Control The Chaos

    My family’s health and healthcare coverage are the most important thing to me at times like this. My wife takes it to a whole different level though! Most of the time, what she knows about the healthcare industry goes over my head. Thankfully, she always knows how to bring it down to my comprehens…Read More

  3. RPA is Impacting the Healthcare/Medical Industry 🥼

    Getting involved with Robotic Process Automation was not a path I ever saw coming 3 years ago. I didn’t even know that much about technology much less RPA. I mean, I was good at using it, but not knowing how to help others improve their business by using it. But when the opportunity came, I saw wh…Read More