1. Truth Be Told

    All my life I have been putting on a happy face. Making sure no-one really knows what I’m feeling. There are sometimes when that happy face is genuine and there are times when it’s covering up the pain. I have never been public with it. Most people don’t know I have it, some think it’s just …Read More

  2. Why RPA is Important: A Now or Never Situation!

    The only way your business will stop growing is if it stays stagnant. Irrespective of your industry, evolving with your consumer needs and market standards has become mandatory. In this lesson, we will discuss how RPA implementation can help your business to adapt to market changes at a lightning-fa…Read More

  3. The Roadmap to Recovery for Businesses

    In 2009, I led a small team from my church to the Philippines for an exploratory missions trip. As we prepared for our time in Manila, I had our team read through a book titled When Helping Hurts by Fikkert and Corbett. One of the sections of the book dealt with the continuum a group goes through …Read More

  4. Remote Work, Our New Normal

    According to the US Census, in 2019 3.4% of Americans and 5.2 % of the world worked remotely. This means about 95% of the global workforce is trying to adjust to a new schedule, new job restructures, and a whole new environment overnight. Although many are slowly adjusting to our “New Normal”, t…Read More

  5. Medical Support To Control The Chaos

    My family’s health and healthcare coverage are the most important thing to me at times like this. My wife takes it to a whole different level though! Most of the time, what she knows about the healthcare industry goes over my head. Thankfully, she always knows how to bring it down to my comprehens…Read More

  6. Will your Business and Career make it through a recession today?

    🤝My good friend and business partner Rob Howze wrote a great post yesterday. He talked about how so many businesses are not taking today’s economic downturn seriously. A lot of us think we are ready for a possible recession ↘️ but most of us aren’t. I know I’m not, and I’m in technolo…Read More

  7. Digital Transformation is the Micro, RPA is the Macro

    Today's businesses try and find areas of their organization where they can make their days a little easier by using software technology. Sooner or later they have outgrown their current program, need to upgrade, or found another software with all the bells and whistles they need, and more. Now busin…Read More

  8. 💫 Fit 15 Months of Work in 12 Months Year After Year 🚀

    What could you do for your business, your career, your future if you could fit 3 more months’ worth of work in 2020? What kind of impact could you make? Let’s think about that for a second 🤔 If you work full time (40 hours a week) and you could get 10 hours a week back, 40+ hours a month, jus…Read More

  9. A Bank that Achieved 3,800% ROI with RPA the First Year

    I know this story may be hard to believe. But its true and what RPA can do is not fiction. I will be sharing many more stories like this so you can get a better understanding of how RPA is making a major impact in Banking. No matter the size of a company, this technology is revolutionizing the way b…Read More

  10. RPA is more than Automation

    I was asked last week, “Why do I talk so much about Robotic Process Automation”? I told them because RPA is a service every company needs but very few know about it. The reason why every business needs it is that implementing RPA will allow business owners and their employees to have more of a d…Read More

  11. 6 Ways to Success Using RPA From Day 1

    So many companies want to embrace transformative technology but have a hard time trying to figure out where to start, what areas to automate so you don’t fail from the beginning. According to the Institute for Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence, over 60% of companies' first R…Read More

  12. Where RPA is now and where RPA is headed…

    Over the last few years, robotic process automation (RPA) has been getting a lot of attention. It has come from “Look into it later” to “Need it now”. Every business would like to have a competitive advantage while increasing productivity, but trying to maintain that at the highest level is …Read More