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Thank you for taking part in our Business Empowerment Podcast! We are excited to have you as our guest!

Our goal is to bring on people that either influenced us and/or have a big influence on others. Your knowledge and leadership are exactly what our world needs today.

We will be touching on the questions you just answered as well as a few more:

  1. What are the things you are doing to adjust to our “New Normal”?
  2. What advice can you give someone that is looking to start or just started a business?
  3. What advice can you give a business trying to pivot?

Our podcast interview is scheduled for 30 minutes, but our episode will be in 12-15-minute segments. We are hoping to get 1 or 2 episodes per interview.

Thank you again for sharing your time with us. We are excited to have you on the show.

*Note: Please email business headshot to

Make sure you have: Headphones/good audio – Video camera turned on  – Good quiet setting

Please try and arrive 5 minutes early. We look forward to our conversation, Wilton and Rob

Business Empowerment Podcast

It’s difficult enough to stay up with technology and now COVID-19 has accelerated its speed to learn.

The Empowerment Podcast is a show that will keep you ahead of the times, technology, and business trends. This is a show that will empower businesses and the people that run them. Educate on how to leverage the right technologies to enhance business and increase revenue.

We will have featured guests from almost every industry including business, health, politics, entrepreneurship, science, and entertainment.

This is where you will find motivation, inspiration, and practical insights that will optimize your performance in life and in business. The transition to a new normal is already here. Get in the minds of those already adjusting to it… The Business Empowerment Podcast

Season 1

Episode #1 – The Kickoff

This is going to be an exciting year season of the Business Empowerment Podcast. Wilton and Rob share their amazing lineup and topics that are sure to be a game changer of any business. Audio platforms are available starting November 18th.

We are all in and holding nothing back. The latest business, technology, and automation trends. Let’s get started!