The Struggle Is Real

If you knew that there was someone you could partner with, that could save you time and money, that could shave years off your struggle, and that knows what the chaos feels like owning and operating a business, how valuable would that be to you?

We are that “someone,” and through our automated business system and back-office support, we can bring you the edge you’re looking for. In this day and age, it’s all about automation. If you’re still using archaic practices and you haven’t moved into the business automation arena, you’ve fallen behind your competitors. Maybe even way behind.

Our Team

STA group consists of a powerhouse team with a combination of over 100 years of experience! We have qualified industry experts, including the most sought-after engineers, tech ninjas, and marketing gurus who have all been tested by the fire of their own startup success. We know how to quickly come in and speak to areas of your business that may benefit from workflow and process improvement. Much of the time, it’s a quick transition from our initial session to get your business trending up in the right direction. Reach out to The STA Group today to start enjoying workflow automation benefits!

Meet The Team