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Scale Through Automation (STA Group)

"From Conversation to Deployment in 30 Days Blueprint"


STA Group is a RPA company that has been humbled by the experience of patients, while building an RPA program that will impact clients. Understanding on how to successfully implement and educate on RPA, without interrupting daily business priorities, was a process that took a long time for us to build.

Years of roadblocks and huddles has given us the experience to build a blueprint to take an RPA conversation to implementation in less than 30 days. In those 30 days you will start to understand how to implement RPA more strategically while identifying other areas of your business that are automation candidates.

Over 5 years of RPA development and 4 years of RPA analytics experience, STA Group has assembled a team that will help your RPA journey be easy, enjoyable, and knowledgeable. Get to see the development happen as we keep you connected with your group dashboard that is updated in real-time.

RPA can be an amazing opportunity, and fast. If, you are surrounding yourself with some of the most sought after RPA developers, Analysts, Architects, and Influencers in the world. Those leaders can be found in our STA Community.

STA Group found a way to make it easy for RPA to be learned, taught, and deployed with about 6 hours of your time. STA Group will help make your manual to automation learning curve seamless. Go through our website and join our STA Community to understand how RPA can transform your business overnight.

6 hours of your time will take us from conversation to deployment in less than 30 days. We made the RPA learning curve simple. Are you ready?

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 29% of Americans can successfully work remotely do to the way their current system is set up due to our current economic downturn. Today’s software has made it easier for humans to complete their tasks, but it still takes manual hours to complete a process due to the past structure of that business.

Gartner reports that over 70% of processes that humans are doing today can be automated with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA takes those rule-based repetitive tasks, that are done manually from application to application and automates it with little to no human interaction.

Right now, remote work isn’t working for most companies, That’s because we spent the last 120 years learning how people can be productive in an office. Breaking the comfort zone can seem difficult and time-consuming. But with the implementation of RPA, that change can happen within days. Now you will have time for more meaningful productive business obligations.

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Who is STA Group LLC.


Automation Technology is such a broad word. Many organizations think they are equipped with the right software and applications, but in reality only about 2% of the SMB market are taking advantage of the next level of automation called Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Because automation is used so loosely, it’s very difficult for businesses to truly understand how RPA works. It would take decades for any organization to implement RPA at a 100% success rate. STA Group has built a team that is ready to help educate you, while deploying your first bot in 30 days with a 100% success rate for Free!

We are doing this because we are passionate about help the SMB market and the only way for them to get on the fast track of automation technology is to let them see it, feel it, experience it, and benefit from it before investing.

Understanding technology has never been more critical than it is today. We have built a very simple process that will allow businesses to take full advantage of what Fortune 500 companies have been doing for years. Now, you get to get that same value for free. We save you time and money first, so you can see the value in working with STA Group.

Join our Business Empowerment Community to talk, network, and connect with world leaders in technology and automation. All this to you for Free! Go to our “Community” Tab to join.

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Educate, Implement, Grow

What if you had an opportunity that would save you time and money while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of your business with a very fast return, would you?

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