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Scale Through Automation (STA Group)

The fastest way to grow your business is to automate it!


Recession Proof Your Business

What if there was an opportunity that could save you time and money while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of your business with a very fast return. Would that be of value to you?


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 29% of Americans can work remotely do to the way their current system is set up. TODAY'S Software has made it easier for humans to complete their tasks, but it still takes manual hours to complete a process due to the past structure of that business.

Gartner reports that over 70% of processes that humans are doing today can be automated with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA takes those rule-based repetitive tasks, that are done manually from application to application and automates it with little to no human interaction.

Right now, remote work isn’t working for most companies, That’s because we spent the last 120 years learning how people can be productive in an office. Breaking the comfort zone can seem difficult and time-consuming. But with the implementation of RPA, that change can happen within days. Now you will have time for more meaningful productive business obligations.

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Our Team consists of powerhouse professionals with a combination of over 100 years of business experience and over 40 years of remote work. We have qualified industry experts, from the most sought-after engineers, tech ninjas, international sales leaders, and marketing gurus who have all been tested by the fire of their own startup success. We know how to quickly come in and speak to areas of your business that may benefit from improvement. Much of the time, it’s a quick transition from our initial session to get your business trending up in the right direction. 

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The STA Group and the Merging Synergies.


In 2019, Scale Through Automation (a robotic process automation firm) joined forces with BPM Software Solution (a cloud platform, data consolidation firm) to create Real Impact Solution (RiS) for the sole purpose of increasing productivity and effectiveness in small-to-mid size firms with cutting edge business solutions that drive superior value creation and employee contribution.

But before there was Real Impact Solution as a company, there were three guys who built an amazing genuine connection and friendship. Through shared values of compassion, empowerment, and the passion for purpose to make real positive change, Sidney Jones, Rob Howze, and Wilton Rogers began working together, establishing a vision for real impact. With dedication, persistence, research, and continuous market feedback, we established a company on a strong foundation of core values and principles.

As the RiS moved forward on its mission and began to grow the team, Greg Whitus (VP of Sales) and Alex McDowell (Head Solution Architech), making our team synergistically stronger and refining our strategic journey to achieve our vision.

Today we stand strong as a powerhouse team of entrepreneurs and business owners with decades of technology and remote working experience. We have a unique and engaging way of doing business with a heart-centered approach, connecting with our clients on a deeper level to truly understand their pain points.

This is our journey for Real Impact!

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